Quick Answer: How Much Liquor Can I Carry From Goa To Kerala?

Can we bring liquor from Goa in train?

Goa Excise issues permits to carry liquor (up to 2 litres) to Daman, Diu, Punjab, Rajasthan, Odisha, Jammu & Kashmir, Manipur, Madhya Pradesh, Assam and Himachal.

You can get a permit which cost around Rs.

20 from the shopkeeper and carries the bottles to these places..

What is the famous drink in Goa?

Feni. A local spirit with an acquired taste, feni is made from either cashew or coconut palm sap which is then fermented and distilled to around a 30% proof. It has a strong odour and distinctive aftertaste. Some bars serve feni-based cocktails such as Sol de Orange, a mix of feni, orange juice and lemonade.

Is liquor allowed in train?

A person can carry alcohol on a train but the person is not allowed to drink or show openly. … If a person is carrying alcohol in the train then the quantity of the alcohol should exceed the limit which is two litres, the bottle of alcohol should be completely sealed and should be covered.

Is liquor banned in Kerala?

The southern Indian state of Kerala has eased its ban on the sale and consumption of alcohol. The ruling left-wing coalition has reversed the previous Congress-led government’s decision to shut all bars expect those in five-star hotels.

How can I bring alcohol from Goa legally?

To import alcohol/spirits/molasses or any other excisable goods in the State of Goa, the registered manufacturer/wholesaler requires to obtain No Objection Certificate (NOC) which is issued by the Department of Excise under Provision of Section 4 of the Goa Excise Duty Act and Rules 1964.

How much liquor can I carry in Kerala?

It was stated in the G.O. that a person could have in possession the following maximum quantities of intoxicants at a time without any permit or license with effect from September 25, 2019: IMFL and foreign liquor: three bottles of any size, denatured / methylated spirit: three bulk litres, beer: six bottles of 650 ml …

Is liquor cheap in Goa?

If you are looking to buy alcohol in Goa because it’s cheap, do your research well before buying. … drinks but much cheaper. Goa is home to many of these.

Can we bring liquor from Goa to Gujarat?

You simply tuck it in your check in luggage. Of course there is a limit to that I believe and that is about 1.5 litres. Even though Gujrat is a dry state the customs people will not bother you as you are carrying alcohol procured outside the state and it is for your personal consumption.

Can we carry alcohol to Kerala by road?

Carrying alcohol in limited quantity is fine. You will have to check in that baggage while getting your boarding pass. The state and city your travelling to.

Is alcohol allowed in Kerala?

Kerala currently allows alcohol to be served in most hotels, bars and airports. … Liquor bars in Kerala are required to renew their licenses every year. The state government did not license any bars on 31 March 2014, resulting in the closure of 418 bars.

How many bottles of alcohol can I bring from Goa?

two bottlesAt present, only two bottles (one bottle of IMFL and one bottle of local liquor – 750 ml each) of liquor is allowed to be carried out of Goa. Any attempt by tourists to carry more bottles out of Goa is thwarted at the border checkposts with excise officials seizing them.

Can I bring alcohol from Goa in flight?

Flight: Getting back liquor from Goa to your home is relatively easier on a flight. Rules may slightly vary for different domestic airlines but generally, you can carry a maximum of 5 litres of alcohol in your check-in baggage.