Quick Answer: How Old Is Britto?

How old was Romero Britto when he started painting?

At the early age of fourteen, Britto exhibited his creations in public for the first time at an exhibition held by the Organization of American States.

Despite receiving honours for his works, and being encouraged by this early success, Britto felt that seeking a practical, academic path would be more realistic..

What is Romero Britto’s style?

Pop artCubismRomero Britto/PeriodsRomero Britto is a Brazilian artist whose distinct graphic style blends Pop Art with Cubist-like abstraction. His colorful illustrations and figurines of Disney characters, animals, and figures utilize patches of geometric patterns and texture rendered in a fractured perspective.

What happened Romero Britto?

Brazilian artist Romero Britto visited this woman’s restaurant and treated the employees poorly. She then went to his Miami exhibit to purchase and destroy one of his works. A video of the incident has collected a whopping 6.4 million views on Twitter since being shared this Saturday.

When was the Mona Cat created?

2004This painting is called Mona Cat. Britto made it in the year 2004, the size of this painting is 40 x 32 inches.

Is Romero Britto Hispanic?

Romero Britto (born October 6, 1963) is a Brazilian artist, painter, serigrapher, and sculptor.

When did Romero Britto become famous?

1989The following year in 1989, he was selected to add a splash of color to Absolut Vodka’s “Absolut Art” campaign. This incredible opportunity catapulted Romero Britto into the limelight, placing him alongside artists such as Andy Warhol and Keith Haring.

What is Romero Britto worth?

Romero Britto net worth: Romero Britto is a Brazilian pop artist, sculptor, painter and serigrapher who has a net worth of $20 million. Romero Britto was born on October 6, 1963 in Recife, Brazil.

How much are Romero Britto paintings?

Description: Artist: ROMERO BRITTO Title: MONA CAT (ON GESSO BOARD) Retail Price: $6,500.00 Size: 26×20 INCHES Medium: SCREENPRINT ON GESSO BOARD Edition: Of 30 Description: Hand signed upper left, numbered lower right. Artwork is in excellent condition.

Where did Romero Britto live?

MiamiRecifeRomero Britto/Places lived

Did Romero Britto go to art school?

Catholic University of PernambucoRomero Britto/Education