Quick Answer: What Is A Vegetable That Starts With E?

What foods start with the letter L?

50 Foods that start with the letter L – Amazing Dishes, very Crispy Kebabs, and more!Lamb.Lasagna.Latte.Leek.Lemon.Lemonade.Lobster.Loin.More items….

What is a fruit that starts with an F?

figsWhile figs might be the only fruit many people can name that begins with the letter F, there are others.

What is a fruit that starts with Z?

Although zhe fruits are like mulberry, but they are not a classified same with mulberry. When ripe, zhe fruit color are red or maroon and contains rich red flesh inside them with 3-6 seeds per fruit. Another name of zhe are : che, cudrang, silkworm thorn, Chinese mulberry and mandarin melon berry.

Here are the most-harvested fruits in the world, measured in million metric tons.Tomatoes – 182 Million Metric Tons.Bananas – 115.74 Million Metric Tons.Watermelons – 103.97 Million Metric Tons.Apples – 86.14 Million Metric Tons.Oranges – 75.54 Million Metric Tons.Mangoes – over 40 Million Metric Tons.More items…•

What is a fruit or vegetable that starts with E?

Check your answers belowAAcai berry AppleApricot AvocadoCCantaloupe (melon) Currant CherryCoconut CranberryDDamson DateDragonfruit DurianEElderberryFFig21 more rows

What starts with an E ends with an E?

What starts with “e”, ends with “e” and has one letter in it? Envelope.

What is a food that starts with E?

Foods Beginning With The Letter E1.1 1. English muffin.1.2 2. Eggs.1.3 3. Eggplant.1.4 4. Escargot.1.5 5. Enchiladas.1.6 6. Elbow macaroni.1.7 7. Egg salad.1.8 8. Eggroll.More items…•

What is a fruit that starts with E?

Following are some of the different fruit names:A: Apples, Apricots, Avocados.B: Bananas, Boysenberries, Blueberries, Bing Cherry.C: Cherries, Cantaloupe, Crab apples, Clementine, Cucumbers.D: Damson plum, Dinosaur Eggs (Pluots), Dates, Dewberries, Dragon Fruit.E: Elderberry, Eggfruit, Evergreen Huckleberry, Entawak.More items…

What breakfast food starts with the letter E?

43 Foods That Start With The Letter EEnglish Muffin. English muffins are served as a breakfast food, and sometimes breakfasts just aren’t right without one! … Eggs. … Elbow Macaroni. … Egg Salad. … Eggplant. … Egg Roll. … Elderberries. … Empanadas.More items…•

What drink starts with E?

Cocktails starting with ‘E’Earl Grey Collins.Earl Grey Daquiri.East India Gimlet.Edinburgh Haar.Edwina’s Affair.El Diablo.El Diablo #2.El Dorado.More items…

What is a vegetable that starts with Q?

Quinoa [kinwaah] is from South America. It was bred by the Incan people to have huge heads of seed, but the basic plant has delicious edible leaves that make a fine substitute for spinach.

Is Mushroom a vegetable?

Although mushrooms are classified as vegetables, technically they are not plants but part of the kingdom called fungi. … No other “vegetable” can to do that! Look for high vitamin D mushrooms in your grocery store. Best of all, mushrooms are delicious.

What animal starts with the letter E?

Alphabetical list of animals that start with EEagle.Earwig.Echidna.Eel.Eland.Electric Eel.Elephant.Elephant Seal.More items…

What vegetables start with the letter F?

Vegetables That Start With The Letter FFrench Sorrel. Sorrel is a herb that is heavily laden with citrus notes. … Fennel. Fennel is wonderfully dynamic as it can be used as an herbal additive or eaten wholesale as a vegetable. … Fiddlehead Fern. … Falberry. … Feijoa. … Fenugreek. … Fig. … Frisee Greens.More items…•