Quick Answer: What Is There To Do On A Saturday Night In Phoenix?

What is there to do in Gilbert AZ this weekend?

Best things to do in Gilbert, AZMystery Castle.

17.7 mi.

81 reviews.

Fat Cats Gilbert.

5.9 mi.

481 reviews.

Goldfield Ghost Town.

19.3 mi.

299 reviews.

Desert Botanical Garden.

15.5 mi.

1281 reviews.


15.5 mi.

240 reviews.

Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch.

5.1 mi.

169 reviews.

Imagine 3D Mini Golf.

3.6 mi.

128 reviews.

Ostrich Festival.

3.9 mi.

61 reviews.More items….

What is there to do in downtown Phoenix today?

Visiting downtown Phoenix? Here are the 7 things you have to doPeruse Roosevelt Row. Phoenix’s “coolest” neighborhood, Roosevelt Row, is a must-see when visiting downtown Phoenix. … Take in a show. Downtown Phoenix is home to a number of venues that put on theatrical, comedic and musical performances. … Catch a game. … Try cult-classic dining. … Imbibe at trendy bars. … Visit urban parks. … Museums.

What do you do when you can’t sleep at 4am?

Whatever is keeping you up at night, check out these 10 fun and productive things to do when you can’t sleep.Clean the house. … Finish your project. … Read a book. … Watch a TV show or movie. … Check out social media. … Write in a journal. … Organize something. … Listen to music.More items…•

Is the Grand Canyon closer to Las Vegas or Phoenix?

The drive from Phoenix to the Grand Canyon South Rim can be scenic (there is more than one way to do it), however it’s only about 45 miles shorter than driving from Las Vegas (and a rather bigger place to get out of). …

What city is closest to Grand Canyon?

FlagstaffThe two major cities closest to the Canyon are Phoenix and Las Vegas. Flagstaff, AZ is only 1.5 hours from the South Rim and although it is a smaller city, it does have an international airport. Tusayan is the closest town to Grand Canyon Village and also has a small public airport.

How far is Vegas from Grand Canyon?

270 milesBoth the North Rim and South Rim (the two rims of Grand Canyon National Park) are located over 270 miles from the Las Vegas Strip. On average, both drives take approximately four and a half hours.

What should you not do at 3am?

Here are some simple dos and don’ts that can make a world of difference if you find yourself staring at the ceiling at 3 AM:Don’t Turn On the Light.Don’t Use Electronics.Don’t Exercise.Don’t Drink Alcohol.Do Meditate.Do Try Some White Noise.Do Eliminate Electronic Lights.

What is there to do in Arizona this weekend?

Historical and Cultural Things to Do…Desert Botanical Garden. The Desert Botanicals Gardens brings the beauty of the desert to you. … Heard Museum. … Phoenix Art Museum. … Irish Cultural Center & McClelland Library. … Children’s Museum of Phoenix. … Arizona Science Center.

What is there to do in Phoenix for adults?

Let’s explore the best things to do in and around Phoenix, Arizona:Desert Botanical Garden. Source: HelloRF Zcool / shutterstock. … Heard Museum. Source: Manuela Durson / shutterstock. … Taliesin West. Source: EQRoy / shutterstock. … Camelback Mountain. … Phoenix Zoo. … Phoenix Art Museum. … Papago Park. … Hole-in-the-Rock.More items…

What is there to do in Phoenix in April 2020?

Top Attractions in PhoenixMusical Instrument Museum. 6,301 reviews. Nature & Parks.Desert Botanical Garden. 8,730 reviews. Nature & Parks.Camelback Mountain. 2,510 reviews. … Heard Museum. 2,881 reviews. … South Mountain Park. 1,290 reviews. … Piestewa Peak. 694 reviews. … Hole in the Rock. 1,012 reviews. … Papago Park. 825 reviews.More items…

What city to stay in when visiting the Grand Canyon?

Staying outside the Grand Canyon National ParkTusayan. Image Credit: Grand Canyon National Park Flickr. … Williams. This small but busy city is about an hour’s drive from the Grand Canyon Village, situated on historic Route 66. … Flagstaff. … Sedona. … Tuba City. … Phoenix. … Las Vegas.

What should I do at 2 am?

36 Things to do at 2am with your friend(s)Have a dance party.Play Sims.Sleep!Doodle.Text your bf/gf/bff.Zv h rkbvuu g,q(do that in the comment section of a popular book on wattpad and read the replies)Lip synch battle!Fort kingdoms.More items…

What is there to do in Phoenix at night?

Arizona Desert Tour by UTV. The best way to experience the Sonoran desert is to get up close and personal with it. … Stargazing. … Sonoran Desert Night Tour in Hummer. … Sonoran Desert Sunset Hot Air Balloon Ride. … Sunset and Phoenix City Lights by Plane. … Indoor Skydiving. … Pub Crawl by Bike. … Comedy Shows.More items…

What is free to do in Phoenix this weekend?

10 Free or Almost Free Things to Do in Phoenix1) Talk a walk through Historic Heritage Square. … 2) Get active in South Mountain Park. … 3) Peruse the Phoenix Art Museum. … 4) See the action at the Cardinals Training Camp. … 5) Explore the Desert Botanical Garden. … 7) Uncover history at the Hall of Flame Fire Museum. … 8) Learn something new at the Arizona Science Center.More items…

What is there to do in Scottsdale AZ this weekend?

23 Best Things to Do in Scottsdale, ArizonaDowntown Scottsdale. … Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art. … McDowell Sonoran Preserve, Scottsdale, Arizona. … Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts. … The Scottsdale Xeriscape Garden at Chaparral Park. … Things to Do in Scottsdale, AZ: McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park. … Scottsdale Historical Museum.More items…•

What should I do at 1 am?

Clean your house. Draw. Call someone. Do some home improvements you’ve been putting off….25 Things To Do After 1 AMDick’s.Watch a movie. … Go on a walk to nowhere.Jam out.Cards Against Humanity.Gasworks Park.Late-night drive.Go somewhere that’s usually full of people and see it empty.

What is there to do in Phoenix on Sunday?

Best sunday activities in Phoenix, AZArizona Falls. 7.1 mi. 33 reviews. … Arizona Aloha Festivals. 7.4 mi. 40 reviews. … Mystery Castle. 6.1 mi. 81 reviews. … Japanese Friendship Garden – Ro Ho En. 1.2 mi. 225 reviews. … Hole-in-the-Rock. 6.8 mi. 240 reviews. … Tempe Festival of the Arts. 7.6 mi. 44 reviews. … Uptown Farmers Market. 5.4 mi. 88 reviews. … 6th Street Market. 7.7 mi. 4 reviews.More items…