What Are Examples Of Superpowers?

What are some examples of superpowers?

25 Useful Super-PowersInvisibility.

You know you’ve got it when: You go all see-through, obviously.

Superhuman Strength.

You know you’ve got it when: You can pick up a car or play catch with a television.



Super Speed.

Super Senses.

Telepathy/ Mind Control.

Telekinesis.More items…•.

What superpower do you want?

I’d choose INVISIBILITY, messing with my friends and enemies would be so much more fun than just saving the planet or some other do-gooder superpower. If I could have a superpower, I’d like the ability to control time. I would slow it down because life moves way too fast. My superpower would be telepathy with animals.

What is Chlorokinesis?

Chlorokinesis, also known as Agrokinesis, Botanokinesis, and Phytokinesis, is the ability to mentally and/or physically summon, control and manipulate plants and vegetation. The person with the ability can control and manipulate wood, rock soil, roots, fruits, and flowers, even moss found in natural field or habitat.

What are the most dangerous superpowers?

15 Most Horrifying Superpowers Of All Time1 Teenage Mutant – Involuntarily Incinerates Everyone Around Him.2 Pariah – Teleports Into Tragedies. … 3 Jean Grey aka Dark Phoenix – Life Force Control. … 4 Raven – Demonic Energy Capable of Destroying Reality Itself. … 5 Wither – Death by Touch. … 6 Negative Man – Dies If He Uses His Power For Over One Minute. … More items…•

Who is the weirdest superhero?

The 10 Weirdest Comic Book SuperheroesBrother Power the Geek (DC) DC Comics. … Big Bertha (Marvel) Marvel. … Matter-Eater Lad (DC) DC Comics. … Multiple Man (Marvel) Marvel. … Mogo (DC) DC Comics. … Eye-Scream (Marvel) Marvel. … Cosmo (Marvel) Marvel. … Danny the Street (DC) DC Comics.More items…•

How do you obtain power?

50 Ways to Gain PowerBuild Your Own Toll Road. “Owning the road” is a sure sign of power, and these days, some folks actually do. … Wiki Your Immortality. Log on to Wikipedia.org, and write yourself into the annals of history.—VLS.Become a Wine Expert. … Build a Church. … Create a 2.0 Network. … Get on the School Board. … Champion a Charity. … Donate to One.More items…•

Who are the 5 superpowers in the world?

PowerUnited States.Russia.China.Germany.United Kingdom.France.

What is Omnikinesis?

Omnikinesis is the ability to mentally control anything and everything that exists, organic or created, existing now or in the future, right down to the molecular level. This is quite possibly the most overwhelming and most powerful ability because it involves everything that tangibly exists without exception.

What is a mundane superpower?

Mundane power would be something like slightly better sight, or the ability to turn your skin invisible. The reason people have powers like these is because one must train with their powers to get them stronger, so the ability to turn your skin invisible can lead to invisibility altogether.

What is the most powerful superpower ever?

With that in mind, here are the 25 best superpowers of all time, ranked!1 ELEMENTAL CONTROL. Elemental control comes in many forms, and it is clear that some are nowhere near as powerful as others.2 TELEPATHY. … 3 TELEKINESIS. … 4 TIME TRAVEL. … 5 SUPER SPEED. … 6 INVULNERABILITY. … 7 SUPER STRENGTH. … 8 TELEPORTATION. … More items…•

Who is the lamest superhero?

27 Lamest Superheros and VillainsJubilee. Marvel. First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #244 (1989) … Vibe. DC Comics. … The Red Bee (Rick Raleigh) Quality Comics (HA!) but sold to DC Comics. … Phil Grayfield (NFL Superpro) Marvel. … Doctor Spectro. DC Comics. … Squirrel Girl. Marvel. … Lady Stilt-Man. Marvel. … Whizzer. Marvel.More items…•

Is it possible for humans to have powers?

No such gene exists in humans, and we simply don’t know enough about the genetic potential of our genes to produce superhuman abilities. We do know that some humans already possess abilities that appear like superhuman powers.

What are some unusual superpowers?

15 Uncommon Superpowers That Would Be Awesome In Real Life15 Chi Manipulation. In times of great duress, the fortification of the mind can bring immeasurable serenity. … 14 Density Control. As light as a feather, as stiff as…a mountainside. … 13 Dimensional Storage. … 12 Empathy / Apathy. … 11 Indestructible Digestion. … 10 Liquid Transmutation. … 9 Mediumship. … 8 Omnifabrication.More items…•

What are some useless superpowers?

The 30 most useless superpowers ever createdThrowing playing cards super hard. OK, OK, so we’re really talking about telekinetic ability here. … Communing with squirrels. Whether or not Aquaman’s power is any good is a subject for another debate. … Being ugly. … Super-seduction. … Knowing the Bible by heart. … Having your arms detach. … Mood swings. … Flying through the Internet.More items…•

How can I get super powers right now?

10 Ways To Gain Real Super Powers That Will Change Your Life1) Gain Super Creativity! Take a hot shower. … 2) Add Powerful New Habits! Use the “20 second rule.” … 3) Gain Unstoppable Willpower! … 4) Instantly Reduce Stress! … 5) Super Learning! … 6) Develop Mind Control Powers! … 7) Be Productive Enough to Take On Multiple Supervillains! … 8) Resist Evil And Be A Better Person!More items…•