What Is Top Pay For MTA Bus Driver?

What is the salary of best bus driver?

Basic salary of drivers at BEST (Brihanmumbai Electricity Supply and Transport) Undertaking ranges from Rs 6305 to Rs 15785, says Shankar Nair, Personnel Manager at BEST.

Drivers also get DA of 144% and HRA of 30% over basic pay, plus fixed medical allowance of Rs 500 per month..

Do MTA bus drivers make good money?

Average MTA Bus Driver yearly pay in the United States is approximately $64,662, which is 96% above the national average.

How much do MTA employees get paid?

The average MTA New York City Transit salary ranges from approximately $46,820 per year for Conductor to $172,820 per year for Chief Nursing Officer. Average MTA New York City Transit hourly pay ranges from approximately $18.52 per hour for Paralegal to $46.24 per hour for Elevator Technician.

How much does UPS drivers make a year?

Data based off of GlassDoor and Indeed.com shows that the average OTR UPS driver earns $27.83 an hour, while the average FedEx truck driver earns $22.83 an hour. The total compensation for a FedEx driver is $47,492 a year, while UPS pays their drivers significantly more at $57,866 a year on average.

Do bus drivers get paid well?

Entry-level bus drivers usually earn between minimum wage and $21 an hour. Experienced bus drivers can earn between $21 and $24 an hour.

How do I become a MTA worker?

You must apply online for most MTA jobs. You can use regular mail to apply for a position with MTA Bridges and Tunnels. Access its employment opportunities by going to mta.info/employment and clicking on Bridges and Tunnels.

Are MTA employees city employees?

Employees of the New York City Transit Authority assigned to the New York City Subway and in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the Bronx are members of the Transport Workers Union of America Local 100, with Queens and Staten Island bus personnel represented by various Amalgamated Transit Union locals.

Is MTA bus operator a good job?

Overall it’s a pretty good job only thing is it hard to apply for certain jobs due to the union your in, them making you work your first off day especially if you are a driver and and the seniority I get it but in everything seniority shouldn’t be a factor when you are doing the same job.

How many hours do MTA bus drivers work?

16 hoursA typical work day is about 16 hours but you only get paid for 14. I learned do trust other drivers or management. The most enjoyable part of my job is when i get off and go home.

Are bus drivers paid hourly or salary?

Bus drivers earn an average hourly wage of $24.40. Salaries typically start from $13.78 per hour and go up to $33.37 per hour.

How much does MTA bus driver get paid an hour?

As of Jan 4, 2021, the average annual pay for a MTA Bus in the United States is $60,795 a year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $29.23 an hour.

How much does MTA bus drivers make?

Average MTA Bus Driver yearly pay in New York, NY is approximately $65,399, which is 97% above the national average.

Is bus driving stressful?

Drivers face many external pressures but often have relatively little control over their environment, a combination that makes bus driving, as The Journal of Occupational Health Psychologywrites, “a classic example of a high-stress occupation.” One Dutch psychologist, noting the competing demands for staying on …

How many hours do bus drivers work a day?

Under this section, no bus driver may drive: For more than 10 consecutive hours in a day; For more than 10 hours in a 15-hour period; and, For more than 10 hours in a day, unless 8 hours of off-duty time.

Is MTA considered a city job?

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) is a public benefit corporation. New York state public benefit corporations and authorities operate like quasi-private corporations, with boards of directors appointed by elected officials, overseeing both publicly operated and privately operated systems.

What state has the highest paid bus drivers?

The states and districts that pay Bus Drivers the highest mean salary are New York ($62,060), Washington ($57,880), Alaska ($55,550), Massachusetts ($54,720), and California ($51,700).

What is the salary of government bus driver?

Salary Range Bus Driver salaries in India range from 5,390 INR per month (minimum salary) to 15,100 INR per month (maximum salary).

Is MTA a federal job?

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) is a public benefit corporation responsible for public transportation in the New York City metropolitan area of the U.S. state of New York.