Why Did Mr Wonka Ask All His Workers To Leave The Factory?

Who came to the bucket’s house the night Charlie found the golden ticket?

Augustus GloopThe first four golden tickets are found by the gluttonous Augustus Gloop, the spoiled and petulant Veruca Salt, the chewing gum-addicted Violet Beauregarde, and the television-obsessed Mike Teavee..

What did Mr Wonka announce?

Summary: the 5th chapter shows an announcement of Willy Wonka on the newspaper. In fact Mr. Wonka announces that in five chocolate boxes there is a Golden Ticket that will give the five lucky possessors the possibility to visit his factory. The five tickets are all over the world and anyone can find them.

Why was life extremely uncomfortable for Charlie Bucket’s family?

Why was life extremely uncomfortable for Charlie Becket’s family? Life was tough for Charlie because he had no money for their family. … Bucket worked at a tooth paste factory where he sat and screwed on toothpaste caps.

What does Charlie do after supper?

Every night after dinner, Charlie goes into his grandparents’ room. Just the sight of Charlie enlivens his grandparents. Grandpa Joe tells stories to amuse Charlie, and the others listen in rapture.

How did Veruca Salt die?

Veruca is eliminated at the end of her musical number in the film (“I Want it Now”) after climbing a machine designed to tell whether or not the goose eggs are “good” or “bad” eggs. The machine judges her as a “bad egg” and she disappears down the garbage chute.

What did Grandpa Joe tells Charlie about Wonka’s factory?

On one particular evening, Grandpa Joe tells Charlie all about Mr. Wonka’s factory. He says Mr. Wonka is the best chocolate maker in the world, and can make anything he wants.

How old is Jordan Fry?

27 years (June 7, 1993)Jordan Fry/Age

Where does Charlie Bucket sleep?

Bucket Family House is a house in which the Bucket family lives It has one big room in which all the bucket family lives. It has a black and white television. The grandparents live in a bed and eats there only. Charlie sleeps in the room beyond the rooftop.

What did Mr Wonka give Charlie?

Wonka giving Charlie the chocolate factory. Grandpa Joe’s skepticism further highlights Charlie as the only one who never lost faith in Mr. Wonka. This final distancing of Grandpa Joe from Charlie solidifies Dahl’s contention throughout the novel that children are good and adults are not.

How did Charlie get the golden ticket?

He found his golden ticket by eating a ton of chocolate, as usual. He bit into a Wonka bar one day and could not decipher what the flavor was.

What is the summary of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?

Based on the beloved Roald Dahl tale, this comedic and fantastical film follows young Charlie Bucket (Freddie Highmore) and his Grandpa Joe (David Kelly) as they join a small group of contest winners who get to tour the magical and mysterious factory of eccentric candy maker Willy Wonka (Johnny Depp). Aided by his diminutive Oompa Loompa workers (Deep Roy), Wonka has a hidden motivation for the tour, one that he will reveal only after the children in the group show their true colors.Charlie and the Chocolate Factory/Film synopsis

Why did Mr Wonka close his factory?

Mr . Wonka noticed the thievery was uncontrollable. Because of that, he closed the shop.

Why does Mr Wonka think that Mike teavee is lucky?

The Oompa-Loompas stretched Mike Teavee twice his normal size while saving him from being shrunk to couple of inches. Mr Wonka thinks that he is lucky because he can play basketball now. C) Mr Wonka found out that Charlie will run the factory exactly the way he ran it. So he wants him to give the factory.

Why was Grandpa Joe in bed?

Grandpa Joe is one of Charlie’s four bed-ridden grandparents. He tells Charlie (and the reader) the story of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory and the mystery of the secret workers. When Charlie finds the Golden Ticket, Grandpa Joe leaps out of bed for joy for the first time in almost twenty years.

How old is Grandma Josephine?

80 years and three monthsShe is the wife of Grandpa Joe and, in the original story, the mother of Mr Bucket – although in the 1971 film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, it is Mrs Bucket who is her daughter. In Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator we learn that Grandma Josephine is 80 years and three months old.

What tortured Charlie more than anything?

But I haven’t yet told you about the one awful thing that tortured little Charlie, the lover of chocolate, more than anything else. … It was WONKA’S FACTORY, owned by a man called Mr Willy Wonka, the greatest inventor and maker of chocolates that there has ever been.